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« December 2021 »
  Godgeta: is there the guild still active?
  Godgeta: game keep crashing today and cant join. hope it will be better tomorow
  Sy'├»os: Hello there, just to say, your (our) forum is really well builded, smart, nice.... well, just gratz the architect ;)
  Siritani: Power failure, everything shut down, might not be able to log back in
  Tarrol: Guys away in Europe for 10 days or so so will not be on ops for a bit. Catch you later.
  Ri'mako: Welcome back :)
  Neaffol: Sorry everyone for not being on but ive been in and out of hospital having bits cut out so lots of fun lol starting to feel better now so all being well will be back soon :)
  Ri'mako: more strongholds, yay :)
  Alraune: Game Update 4.3 PTS Patch Notes - Some very nice changes there.
  komando-safkan: safkan aka komando here guys and lads
  Neaffol: I'm back bloody kitten had a pee on my tower lots of sparks lol
  athalte: you can solo the fleet datacron if you really want that one
  Qabee: just do a shout in guild chat tektonic, if i remember correct you only need 4-5 even less to do it
  Tektonik: I wonder if there are more members in a guild who will be interested in Fleet datacron "run" as i do?
  Gri'kerc: Wellcome back Mr Stream :)
  StreamNoire: Hi All, I am back around. I have been missing you good people. See you in game
  Ri'mako: sweet map, if it had been issued in a better res would have made a sweet wallpaper :)
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